Speech Development And Feeding Concerns

直播摘要 live stream capture:
1. 怎樣教寶寶說話?How to help your baby learn to speak?
2. 怎樣教到寶寶不要大叫作出要求?How to teach your baby not to scream for something they want?
3. 一至三歲的語言發展是怎樣?What does 1-3yr speech development look like?
4. 怎樣分別鸚鵡式仿說和一般幼兒學習說話的情況?需要擔心是自閉症嗎?How to identify echolalia vs regular toddler language learning ? Should I worry about autism?
5.小朋友不斷流口水怎麼辦? What if my child keeps drooling?
6. 小朋友只喜歡吃糊仔怎麼辦?What if my child only eats baby cereal?
7. 小朋友發音不準確怎麼辦? What if my child pronounces words inaccurately?
8. 小朋友有口吃問題怎麼辦? What if my child has stuttering problem?
9. 怎樣教小朋友兩種語言? How to teach my child speak two languages?
10. 小朋友應該懂得説多少中文和英文? How many English and Chinese words should my child know?

相關連結 Link mentioned: https://www.fhs.gov.hk/tc_chi/health_info/child/14722.pdf

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