有關自閉症/ 過度活躍症/ 焦慮
About Autism/ ADHD/ Anxiety

直播摘要 Capture of our live stream:
1. 自閉症有甚麼特徵? What is the characteristics of autism?
2. 怎樣分辦自閉症兒童重複說話和幼兒學習說話的方式? How to identify repetitive speaking of a child with autism vs regular language learning of a child?
3. 發現自閉症的情況應否立即求醫? Should I go to my doctor once I notice symptoms of autism?
4. 自閉症的成因是什麼? What are the causes of autism?
5. 自閉症有什麼治療方法? What are the treatments of autism?
6. 行為分析治療(ABA)可信嗎? Is ABA an effective treatment?
7. 甚麼是過度活躍症(ADHD)? What is ADHD?
8. 怎樣處理小朋友的焦慮感? How to manage my child’s anxiety?

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